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Meet Gisel Hernandez

Nutritional Wellness Consultant

My journey towards guiding individuals on their path to wellness is deeply personal and fueled by a passion for making a positive impact. As a Certified Health Coach trained by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I approach nutrition and wellness holistically, empowering others to thrive in mind, body, and spirit.


Aside from my professional pursuits, I'm an enthusiastic advocate for an active lifestyle. I find immense joy in hiking scenic trails, cycling indoors, and challenging myself in GTX classes. You'll often find me at the gym 5 to 6 times a week, dedicated to maintaining my own wellness routine and setting a positive example for my two amazing children—a spirited 6-year-old and an adorable 2-year-old.

Based in the vibrant community of Phoenix, Arizona, I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for health and wellness with others. Whether it's through personalized nutrition plans, coaching sessions, or community events, I'm committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around me.

I believe in practicing what I preach, striving to uphold healthy eating habits and maintain a balanced lifestyle. My dedication to my own well-being fuels my desire to support you in achieving your wellness goals.

I'm honored to join you on your journey towards optimal health and well-being. Together, let's unlock your full potential and create a life filled with vitality, balance, and fulfillment.


Gisel Nutriologa and Certified Health Coach
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